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sexlyke_whoa's Journal

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Rules for accepted memebers
1. When posting put "stamped" in the subject line.
2 When voting put- yes or no- in the subject line, and give reasons why.
3 When posting pictures, always use and lj-cut & put stamped//pictures in the subject line.
4 STAY ACTIVE!! Please tell us if you won't be active for awhile just so we know.
5 Do not tell any applicant to hurt themselves in anyway.
6When posting a promotion for another community put "foreign promote" in the subject line. When telling us you promoted sexlyke_whoa put "stamped//promo!" in the subject line.
7Keep up with the themes! if you don't tell us why.
8PROMOTE!! we need it =] (doesn't every community?)
9 Memeber of the month!! There will be a member of the month, every month. If you get selected give us a 100x100 picture.

1. Thanksgiving- show us pictures of what your thankful for. no limit.
2.Favorite colour- show us pictures of you with something your favorite colour. no limit.



name- Jessica
lj name-vampires_misery
AIM: annd hearrt

name: Mikki
lj name: m_sheppard
AIM: lovers arcade

name- Sally
lj name:glam__x__whore
AIM: pawnshoppeheartz

Rules for appilcants
Rated on: Application, ,and Pictures

1 14+ to join, sorry kiddies.
2Apply at least 24 hours after joining
3DO not bitch at MODS or accepted members EVER. If you do you will be banned. If you get a no. deal with it. bitch=bannage
4 If you get offended easily do not join. This is a rating community, you will be rated. We don't have time for whiners.
5 You will be stamped 2 days after you apply. be patient.
6 Do not tell any of the accepted members or MODS to hurt them selves in any way or you will be banned.
7 If you are rejected. You can apply one more time with new pictures.
8If you are banned. DO NOT KEEP COMMENTING ON YOUR APPLICATION! leave, and get over it. if you can't, then grow up.
9 Everything must be under and lj-cut. if you don't know how to here is some help.
<*lj-cut text= "sex me up baby"*> application here
10 Put "sex me up" in the subject line, so we know you read the rules.
If you can't fallow these simple rules, you are banned for good. don't come back.


1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Orentation:
4. Single or taken:
5. if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, pictures?:

7. Bands [10+]:
8.Movies [5+]
9.Books [3+]
10. Author [s]


11. Drugs/alcohol/sXe:
12. Gay Marriage:
14.The "scene"

15. Balck or white:
16. What is the most daring thing you have ever done?:
17. Ever help anyone out, how?:
18.If I could give you one wish, what would it be?
19. Say something about your MODS:
20. What is your AIM screen name (you don't have to tell us, and if you dont have AIM then skip this question.) We would like to know so we can talk to you outside of lj.

Importnat stuff:
21. Promote us in your journal and some place elese & give us the link. If you didn't promote its an automatic reject until you do.:
22.How did you hear baout this community?
23 PICTURES!! a least 2 clear ones of your face, and one of you holding a sign saying "sexlyke_whoa" so we know you are real.

Now your done! =D

Accepted banners:

Rejected Banners:


<*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v454/moonlightlovers/Live%20Journal/promote.bmp"*>

<*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v454/moonlightlovers/Live%20Journal/p1.bmp"*>

<*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v454/moonlightlovers/Live%20Journal/mlcpromote.bmp"*>

Just take out the stars

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